Google Panda

Google Panda is an algorithm created by Google for search results ranking. Regular updates are done by Google in order to lower the rank of Low Quality Websites, and these changes are aimed at bringing High Quality Websites to the top of search results. Out of the most relevant factors that Google Panda takes into account, the foremost is CONTENT. The website with high quality of content i.e. original, unique and valuable content comes under the category of high quality websites. Any website that fails to attain the rich content is considered as low quality website.

Due to updates being made in Google Panda on regular basis, it’s seen that many sites have been affected terribly by the algorithm. This is pretty much clear that Google Panda works as “Content Quality Filter” but most of the experts say that it has nothing to do with rankings and traffic. The safe way to deal with this situation is to consider a few things for your website so as to help you to prevent from Google Panda updates.

Emphasize on Unique Content. Avoid getting blacklisted by Panda and then penalized by Google by focusing on unique content. Try and add valuable, compelling content for your readers to bring them back for more and more information.

Identify and Segregate Low Quality Content. In case you have any auto generated content site connected with your site having low quality content then separate it out to prevent your website to lower its rank. Also, avoid duplicate, overlapping and redundant content on your site.

Focus on Authority and Trust. To gain trust and authority, make sure your site has significant links, tweets or any other content coming from some high quality content site.

Keep Advertising Ratio Healthy. To improve the visitors experience on your website, increase the webpage loading speed with easy navigation. This helps in building trust and authority also.

Recognize and Track Panda Updates. When Google Analytic reports downfall in traffic on your website then it is a possibly a sign of Panda.

After getting your website well in consensus with these points in mind, do not expect immediate improvements since Google Panda updates periodically; not on daily basis. Like, the recent Panda update held on August 19, 2012, Version 3.9.1 is minor Panda refresh. It has merely affected less than 1% search queries. Google has announced that Panda will have smoother and consistent updates from now onwards.

If you feel that your website is penalized by google panda updates that you can contact us to get your website checked and update by hiring us