Guide to Keyword-Targeting & On-page SEO Factors

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There are several SEO on-page factors that affect the search engine rankings. They include:

  • Content of the Webpage
  • Good content supplies demand
  • Good content is linkable
  • Title tag is second most important on-page factor, after content
  • URL shows hierarchy of the information on the page

The below mentioned pointers will help the marketers to keep a close check on factors that needs to be implemented and checked while doing on-page of the site.

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SEO Ranking Factors

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Search Engine Optimization is a marketing technique using which one can rank their website high on SERPs. There are certain factors that immensely affects the rankings, primary ones are content, architecture and the HTML of the website.

My infographics below will help to know more about the ranking factors in bit more detail.


Share your ideas and views on the above given SEO ranking factors.

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